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Invoice details


Name: Joint Stock Company "RSK"

Address: 503 Vyborg Highway, building 3, Pargolovo settl., St. Petersburg, 194362

Tel: (812) 333-17-90

TIN: 7802445776

KPP: 780201001

Main state registration number: 1089847341913

Date of registration: 01.09.2008

Bank: PJSC BANK “SAINT PETERSBURG”, Saint Petersburg

Settlement account, rubles: 40702810590320001150

Correspondent account: 30101810900000000790

BIC: 044030790

General Director: Igor M. Leitis

Chief Executive Officer for Operations and Development: Gennadiy Eg. Bugrov, Power of Attorney 78AA 4518767

Chief Accountant: Elvira Al. Naranova