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Heat Strengthened Glass

Russian Glass Company manufactures heat- strengthened glass used in architectural glazing to provide additional strength for wind, snow loads and thermal stress. The engineering capabilities of the company allow manufacturing heat-strengthened glass of Jumbo-format.

Heat strengthened glass

Heat strengthened glass is more resistant to mechanical and temperature loads than the usual polished one and it withstands temperature differences up to approximately 100°C.

Heat-strengthened glass is not susceptible to spontaneous destruction caused by the presence of nickel sulphide inclusions; therefore, it does not require a subsequent heat soak test. When broken, heat-strengthened glass splits into large sharp pieces like float glass. So, it is not considered a safety glass.


Heat strengthened glass is used in such cases when destruction of a small fraction of tempered glass is not allowed.

During destruction the heat strengthened glass is broken into large fragments, which are kept in the frame and do not fall like a tempered glass.

Single-pane glazing

In the composition of laminated glass 

In the composition of the insulating glass unit

Curved heat-strengthened glass


Type of Glass

Min. Size

Max. Size

M1 float glass 

energy saving glass

Solar control glass

multifunctional glass

100 х 250 mm

4 mm - 1500 х 2500 mm

5 mm - 2000 х 3000 mm

6….12 mm - 3210 х 6000 mm

Production technology:

Heat strengthened glass - glass, heat treated during which it is heated to about 600°C and then it is cooled in a strictly controlled way by air jets. In this case, the cooling is slower than at the thermal hardening process. The surface of the glass is then locked in a state of compression. This makes it more resistant to mechanical and thermal stresses and gives the required fragmentation settings by destruction.

1. Incoming inspection of materials and components

2. Heat strengthened glass of JSC “RGC" production is manufactured in accordance with GOST R 54162-2010, which is confirmed by certificates of compliance and test protocols for manufactured products. 

3. Quality management system compliance to international standard ISO 9001:2008.

  • Manufacturing of Jumbo format heat- strengthened glass

  • Possibility of heat-strengthening for low- emissivity coated glass

  • High optical and mechanical characteristics, conforming to GOSTs, european and world standards