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Glass cutting. Cut-outs, holes, shapes

The RGC group of companies has a wide range of different types of glass processing - grinding, polishing, dulling the edges, drilling holes, creating a variety of glass shapes.


Glass cutting according to a size is carried out on high- precision LISEC equipment. Modern equipment of CJSC “RGC" enables glass cutting at the highest quality level, preventing chipping and cracking on the edge of the glass. LISEC lines allow cutting monolithic glass, as well as laminated glass.

Edging of the glass reduces the possibility of cracking and chipping, ensures the safety of the follow-up work with the glass and protects against possible cuts, gives the product an attractive appearance. If necessary, followed by quenching the product, its edges are treated to avoid glass fracturing due to residual stresses.

  • The root facing - primary processing, which is the removal of the sharp corners of the glass after it has been cut.

  • Polishing of the edges – the following processing stage when the glass edge is polished using grinding wheels and diamond coating. As a result the edge gains a dull rough surface, absolutely cutproof. 

  • Polishing of edge – finishing treatment as a result of which the edge of glass gains transparency and absolute smoothness.

Cuts, holes and countersink are carried out on modern high-precision equipment, which allows carrying out almost any order. Necessary for subsequent fixing of the fastening accessories for manufacture of a wide variety of glass designs: glass partitions, shop windows, glass doors, shower cabins and furniture.

Figures – at the request of the customer JSC “RGC" provides the ability to cut complex figures of glass according to an individual order*.

* The technological possibility of producing a figure is determined individually depending on the given layout and customer requirements.


  • Shop Windows

  • Interior fenestration

  • Partition walls

  • Shower cabins

  • Glass furniture

  • Escalator and Lift glazing

  • Staircase fencing


Glass cutting according to size


Cut-outs, holes in the glass


Glass used:

Transparent, tinted glass, coated glass of AGC, Guardian, Pilkington production and as well as laminated glass, amulet manufactured by JSC “RGC” can be subjected to cutting, processing, holing and cut-outs. 

Glass cutting

type of glass

glass thickness

minimum size

polished glass 

Non-reflective glass

low-emissivity glass

sun-protective glass

multifunctional glass

3 - 19 mm

100 х 100 mm


Cutting of the laminated glass

maximum thickness

45 mm

minimum size

150 х 200 mm























Cut-outs, holes in the glass

Minimum diameter

5 mm

Minimum inside cut

25 х 25 mm

General information is given. To determine the possibility of making your order, please contact our experts for advice. The possibility of execution of orders is determined individually in each case based on the supplied drawings, glass processing techniques.

Production technology:

Glass cutting according to the size is produced on 24 modern LISEC (Austria) lines, including the lines with automatic breaking on X, Y, and Z axes with the ability to cut out complicated geometric figures, with the function of removing the "soft" low-emissivity spraying of the glass along the perimeter, as well as the option for cutting film triplex. The manufacturing capabilities of JSC “RGC" can be used to perform straight-line cutting of the triplex as well as figure cutting. Machine tools with CNC Intermac, lines of water jet cutting Waterjet of LISEC production allow carrying out profile cutting of the triplex as well as cut- outs and holes in it.

Edging (blunting, grinding, polishing) is carried out on modern high-precision Besana and Intermac lines which provide making glass processing of the highest quality.

Holes, cuts in the glass are carried out by the machining center with numerical program control Intermac, guaranteeing the preciseness of order fulfillment.

The following conditions have to be satisfied at arrangement of cuts on the glass:

  1. All cuts must have rounded corners to a radius of not less than the thickness of the glass

  2. The internal dimensions of the cut-outs must not be less than the thickness of the glass

  3. Cut-out width must not be less than the thickness of the glass

  4. The external corners must be rounded


1. Incoming material and component parts control

2. All kinds of processing, cuts, holes are made in accordance with GOST R 54162-2010, where requirements and execution conditions of these operations are specified.

  • Modern high-performance equipment allows carrying out all operations on cutting, processing, drilling, cuts with high precision and in the shortest possible time

  • The possibility to manufacture the orders of an increased complexity.

  • Extensive practical experience of JSC “RGC" in glass processing guarantees a high quality of work