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About holding


  • Adamant Holding is one of the largest multi-specialty holdings in Russia, the leader of the retail real estate market in St. Petersburg and the actual creator of the industry of modern shopping and entertainment complexes in the region. In the holding structure, in addition to industrial glass processing, there are dozens of manufacturing and construction companies, trade, medical, advertising organizations; hotels, restaurants and other businesses in various business areas.


    78 Naberezhnaya Reki Moyki 78,

    St. Petersburg, Russia, 190000


    +7 (812) 571 52 22



Real Estate

  • "Adamant” is the all-time leader of the regional commercial real estate market. The portfolio of the holding includes the largest network of shopping and entertainment complexes in St. Petersburg, a network of business centers and rental and storage facilities, as well as other real estate facilities.


  • Range from glass processing and concrete and facade structures production to fine furniture production.


  • For 20 years of work in the commercial real estate market, the company (“Adamant-Story” Construction Company and “KSB-Proyekt” Company) has built more than 24 facilities with a total area of about 1.1 million square meters.


  • The trade services remain close and significant for the holding. The company offers a wide range of retail products, including designer furniture, high-tech cosmetics, footwear, exclusive jewelry and other product categories.

Hotels and Recreation Facilities


  • The Karelian Zoo is the largest zoo in the North-West region of Russia. The largest collection of animals from all over the world lives in its periphemortal territory. Here you can find more than 500 animals and birds, including rare species, listed in the Red Book. The landscape zoo occupies all the way 30 hectares, and this amounts to about 60 football fields!


    Thе Republic of Karelia, Sortavala

    Kirkkolakhti settl.

    8 800 100 88 41



  • The holding's assets include three owned restaurants and a number of partner projects launched jointly with Ginza Project, one of Russia's largest restaurant groups, for instance, "Jelsomino cafe" in Moscow, "KhochuKharcho" and "Mamalyga" in St. Petersburg.

    In 2022 Vokzal 1853, the largest food mall in Russia and Europe and one of the leading event venues in St. Petersburg, was opened at the site of Varshavsky Railway Station.




  • The service sector is one of the most interesting activities for the holding, as evidenced by the variety of projects in this segment: the holding structure includes advertising agency "Reklama-Center", security companies, visa center and "American Medical Clinic".

Beauty Industry

  • "Adamant” owns several beauty salons, is engaged in the wholesale of cosmetic products and produces a line of high-tech nanocosmetics under the Forlle'd brand.

Sale of apartments

  • Sale of apartments in the apart-hotel "Mayak" on the shores of Lake Ladoga in one of the most comfortable ancient cities of Karelia - Sortaval.
    Ergonomic layouts from 19.3 to 140 sq.m. with floor-to-ceiling windows and individual pantries. Apartments with a full finish, furniture and appliances from well-known manufacturers.

    +7 981 048-66-48