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CLEVER PARK residential complex


Address: ul. Tkachei, Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovskaya obl.


Clever Park is a modern residential area located on the both banks of the Iset River, next to the Mayakovsky Central City Park. This project offers city residents not only comfort and convenience, but also a unique architectural solution that attracts attention and makes life in Clever Park special.

The architectural solution for the Clever Park residential complex was developed by the Russian bureau Ostozhenka which has successfully implemented many projects in Moscow and other Russian cities. The complex represents a harmonious combination of modern trends and classical architecture, which makes it attractive to different categories of residents.

The appearance of the buildings of the Clever Park residential complex is designed in the form of a cascade which allows the complex to harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape and create a feeling of coziness and comfort. The facades of the buildings are made of environmentally friendly materials which provide high heat and sound insulation of the apartments.

To accomplish this task insulated glass units from the X-ONE Climate Multi and X-ONE Protection SOUND line were manufactured. They provide comfortable temperature and energy conditions in apartments, and also do not allow negative weather factors to affect the internal environment in the rooms.

Project Description
  • City
  • Project type
    Residential building
  • Type of glazing Facade
Project Details
  • Direction of activity
    Residential glazing
    Commercial glazing